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DBS Refused To Help Customer Who Lost $2000 Through Fraudulent Transfers

A reader discovered three unauthorised overseas transactions on his DBS account amounting to $2000. DBS was allegedly unwilling to look deeper into this case. The reader feels frustrated and confused as he had never received any OTP notification of these fraudulent transfers. The other fishy bit was that these transfers were made to Malaysia even though he had not activated overseas transactions.

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Ex-DBS CECA Employee Accuses Singapore Of Practicing Racism

In August 2018, a former DBS Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) employee caused controversy when he posted an image of a Singapore flag being torn apart to reveal the India national flag. He was investigated and eventually let off with a stern warning from the Singapore police. CNA wrote an article that ended with him declaring his "unwavering" view about how he "still feel this (Singapore) is the best country in the world". Fast forward to 2020, Singapore is facing the Covid19 pandemic. The ex-DBS employee took to his LinkedIn to criticise Singapore.

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These few days someone else unknown kept using my debit card to purchase online games. I suspected someone had hacked into my Debit card account. As the amount being embezzled illegally from my debit card kept on balling and now already balled to sum of SGD 400plus dollars. And I am not guaranteed that this transaction will be stopped yet as the DBS bank just blocked my card on 14 Oct.

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