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On the morning of Aug 9 last year, the man threw a plastic bottle at his daughter's face when she would not stop crying. He left the flat and was in a foul mood when he returned that evening as he had no money to buy drugs. He scolded his wife and startled their young daughter, who started to cry. Unable to pacify the baby, he then proceeded to forcibly shove the baby's head against a wall, knowing it to be likely that the baby would sustain grievous hurt. The back of her head hit the wall and she fell to the mattress below, and was quickly carried away by her mother. The man was carrying the baby at around 9 am the next day when he started to bite the child all over her left forearm and upper arm. The man also bit her ears at around 7pm that day. It was the wife's father who alerted the police about the abuse done by the man. Extensive injuries were noted all over the baby. Besides a fracture to the back of her skull, she also had multiple bruises and cuts to her face, torso and limbs.

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