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Two PRC Nationals arrested for cheating elderly victims

The police have arrested two Chinese nationals, a 51-year-old woman and a 46-year-old man, on suspicion of cheating elderly victims. The two are suspected to have cheated two elderly victims of S$420,000 in life savings and S$37,550 in gold jewelry between November and December last year, the police said in a statement today (March 10). Investigations showed that the woman approached the victims at People’s Park Complex in Chinatown on separate occasions to tell them that one of their children was sick. She would then be joined by her male accomplice and the two of them would convince the victims that they were victims of misfortune and needed to bring all their valuables to be blessed. During the prayer sessions, the victims were told to place their val ables in a bag and close their eyes. Only when the victims returned home did they realise that their valuables had been replaced by newspapers and water bottles.

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