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Netizen: Help! CPF account hacked. Monies missing!

The CPF is supposed to be the safest place for everyone to store their money. So safe that even we can’t take our own money out. Yet this netter’s CPF account was emptied. Posting on reddit, this netter said that all their voluntary CPF contributions were suddenly deducted from their …

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Did CPF Board Have To Defend Itself By Shaming CPF Member?

The CPF member, who was at the centre of this storm, shall remain named as Ms Sua here, although the CPF Board did not feel it was wrong to give out her full name. In fact, not only was Ms Sua shamed by having her name exposed, the CPF deemed it right to publish her entire name, medical details, and financial well-being was which was happily shared with the nation on their FB page after she complained about the CPF Board.

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