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The Workers’ Party Resume HDB Void Deck Meet-The-People-Sessions

The Workers' Party Members of Parliament (WP MPs) have restarted their physical Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS) last week. Physical MPS were previously suspended due to the Covid19 pandemic, but NEA has allowed MPS to commence once safety measures to reduce the risk of Covid19 transmission have been fulfilled.

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MOM Redirects Complaints Of Foreigners Getting Employed To TAFEP

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted Singapore's economy and one urgent concern among Singaporeans is job security. While MOM promises greater scrutiny of hiring practices, some netizens have expressed concerns about the current state of affairs. Netizens have shared personal accounts of possible unfair hiring practices where permits continue to be handed out to foreigners.

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Khan Osman Sulaiman Guesses 90% Of 100,000 SGUnited Jobs Offered To Singaporeans Will Be Blue Collar Jobs

Singapore People's Party (SPP) politician Khan Osman Sulaiman uploaded an email he received from Sembawang Community Club. The screenshot of this email showed a list of available jobs for four companies: Beijing 101, Jollibee, Royal T Group and Royal Security. Based on the available job positions, Osman Sulaiman guessed the bulk of these 100,000 jobs offered to Singaporeans will be 90% blue collar jobs while S Pass or E Pass holders will probably get the white collar jobs.

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