Covid19: Ho Ching Says Ex-Nurse Talking Rubbish About Unhygienic Migrant Workers Mixing Around at Changi Exhibition Centre

According to expert Ho Ching, it is perfectly fine for patients at Changi Exhibition Centre to mingle around freely because they are "covided patients". She said the "ex-nurse" who claimed that the patients were unhygienic and not practising safe-distancing was talking "rubbish".

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Covid19: Video of Mass Dance at Expo Investigated For Unauthorised Filming

An infectious video of a nurse leading a group of patients, mostly migrant workers, in a mass dance at Expo has been flagged as an unauthorised filming of patient activity. What an anti-climax! It is not clear if it was a staff or patient who took the video but there was no doubt it raised the spirits of many, including other foreign workers, and whoever took it probably wanted to spread the cheer. Many have shared it on social media, including Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin.

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Covid19: Staff of Bedok Reservoir Pre-School Asked to Go to Khatib MRT Pick-Up Point for Swab Test

A pre-school in Bedok Reservoir has registered its staff for a slot at Khatib MRT to be picked up for swab test. This is strange as there is a pick-up point at Tampines West which is much nearer to where most of the staff are staying. It takes 1.5 hours to travel from Bedok to Khatib by MRT. During this covid-19 situation, doesn't it make sense to shorten travel distance to minimise risk of exposure to viruses?

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