Is it Fiduciary Suicide to Give Our Reserves to Profitable Firms such as Citibank?

It was reported that a sum of $35 million provided as wage subsidies to 32 commercial firms had been returned to the government. Apparently, these companies do not need money from our reserves. Another 29 companies also reported that they do not wish to receive further wage subsidies. No amount has been stated or how much they would receive had they not declined. Why are there no background checks carried out before large swaths of money are given away?

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Covid 19: AMK Town Council & NEA Continue to Turn a Blind Eye Against Bird Feeders Who Litter Estate

With the virus going around, and circuit breaker, people at Hougang Ave 8 are still going around to do funny things like feed birds. It is an offence to feed birds. They will dirty the environment with droppings, and leftover food from pigeon feeding may attract other pests like rats, which carry diseases and pose a risk to our health.

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