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Opinion: Any Challenge On POFMA Should Be Done In Open Court, To Show Gov’s Transparency

There is no reason to hold POFMA applications in Chambers. Conversely, there is every reason to have such applications heard in open court as a matter of public interest, especially, in light of the intentions and objectives of POFMA, particularly, as repeatedly assured by the Government, namely, to filter out fake news. The public is entitled to know why the subject information so classified as fake news is legitimately fake news, as opposed to being wrongfully so declared.

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WP Accused Of Lack Of Fiduciary Duty, But PAP MPs Get Away With Not Even A Slap On The Wrist

When the Ang Mo Kio Town Council General Manager took bribes for almost two years before finally being caught, the PAP MPs for that TC, led by the esteemed PM himself, did not even get a slap on the wrist. So what were the MPs doing for two years when their appointed man was happily taking bribes managing their town Council? Sleeping on the job to not realise this? Isn't this the same as failing in their fiduciary duties?

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