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But the mediation process “fails to take into consideration the unequal bargaining power of workers vis-a-vis employers”, resulting in the workers getting coerced by employers to sign documents and accept unfair employment terms. Errant employer behaviour includes retaliation and violations of the law during the claim process. Employers would, among other things, use threats and blackmail, restrict movements and even forcibly send workers home, it added”.

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Gerald Giam: Robust debates can help shape better policies

I will continue to join my Workers’ Party colleagues to contribute constructively to debates on issues that matter to Singaporeans. If we assess that a policy will go against Singaporeans’ interests, we will oppose it and where possible, propose alternatives. If the policy is good for our country, we will support the Government for the benefit of our people. This is how we play the role of a constructive opposition. Madam, I support the motion to thank the President.

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