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The Banks, SIA & M1 counter staff are trained to show sympathy when a walk in family member came in with request to pay bills, close account & cancel ticket due to their client's demise. Their 1st word were "I'm sorry for your loss" & do everything to make the process smooth. On the other hand, the Statutory board, CPF & HDB, service staff responded with an indifferent face & no words of sympathy. The worst was Singtel. First I was met with rapid questioning just to get a queue number. At their question if the person who is transferring account to me was here. I was so irritated that I replied caustically "He's dead!". Her response? She continued her work as if I said "he is parking & coming up soon". The irritation continued when the service staff told me they cannot transfer the account unless I settled the outstanding bill. And I had to walk out to the SAM machine to pay. Mind you, I was at their HQ at Exeter & I can't even settle bill at the counter. The staff gave me the wrong account number & I had to walk back to feedback . Was there a sorry? No! Instead she informed me I had a bill in 2005 that also need to be settled, otherwise she cannot transfer the account. I said I have no idea what was that & asked if I can get more information before I settle the bill. She said only billing dept has the details & insisted that I have to settle it for her to proceed with the transfer. Here I am trying to do a transfer so I'm able to pay singtel & they red tape me! In my frustration, I asked for termination & walked out to settle the bill. Upon my return, they said I cannot terminate unless I come back again to return the box!

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