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To most of us, we communicate by speaking to one another. This is known as verbal communication. At a more subconscious level, humans also communicate with non-verbal queues like body language and intonation for example. It turns out however that humans are not the only ones who try to communicate our feelings and thoughts to one another. Veterinarians have found that certain animals, like your pet cat, rely primarily on their body language when they try to speak to us or to each other.

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Good communications cannot substitute for bad policies

The govt seems to be putting the blame on bad communications as the source of unhappiness in the people. Is that so? The MSM also have been regurgitating that it was bad communications that have resulted in angry voices heard. The assumption is that policies are good and it was all because they were not well articulated to the people that is causing all the problems. It sounds more like the craftsman blaming his tools.

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I went to the SPC petrol station at Sembawang where the cashier is PRC who can't speak a word of English. While I was queuing to pay for my petrol, an old Malay uncle who was in front of me, was struggling to converse with the cashier. Let me just state for the record, that though he's old, probably 65, he could speak English. As there were no other cashiers around to translate, I had to step in and assist. Although the cashier was polite and pleasant, she was unable to communicate.

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