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Lim Tean Heckled By Cops, The Heck Is Going On ?!

I am highly suspect within the time frame in which this was done. Assuming that these allegations against Lim Tean were pre-existing and not something that would just appear out of nowhere, why did the police specifically muscled into Lim Tean's office one week before that Libel suit ? It could easily be a subtle message to hold his tongue in the presence of Lee Hsien Loong

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M Ravi: Lim Tean Unlawfully Arrested By Plainclothes Police

Prominent lawyer Lim Tean was arrested by three plainclothes police officers in his office on 2 Oct 2020. This shocking move comes as Lim Tean was in the midst of helping Leong Sze Hian prepare a defence against a defamation trial filed by the Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, which will be heard next week.

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