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And then I remembered, wait a minute, I AM Amos. In 2000, I started a satirical website poking fun at all things Singaporean, including its politicians, with the word ‘cock’ in its name, which led to Parliament debating whether they could ‘get’ me. It’s an act that caused a rift between my parents and me that still hasn’t entirely healed, even after the Prime Minister said some nice things about the site during a National Day Rally speech.

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[EVENT] The Great Singapore Debate: An Advocate is as useful as an Avocado

Which does Singapore need more? Which is more useful? Is it better to have an avocado in your belly or an advocate with fire in his or her belly? Some of Singapore’s most opinionated and entertaining personalities will debate this very important topic. Come listen to the cut and thrust of their arguments, to their rapier sharp observations and thought-provoking postulations.

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