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"While we continue to implement initiatives to improve safety, it is even more important for all motorcyclists to take ownership of their own safety and that of their pillion riders," said Assoc Prof Faishal. He added: "We have all heard of cases where motorcyclists lose control of their vehicles, causing serious injury or death to themselves and their pillion riders. Such road tragedies can be prevented if riders remain vigilant and obey traffic rules when on the roads."

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Honestly, I wasn't confident at all because I witnessed a girl mount the kerb while she was doing her Crank Course and another girl hit 2 cones while doing a Slalom right in front of my eyes. I was so afraid that I will follow their mistakes and that made me more nervous than I already was. All in all, I personally felt that I underperformed because of my nervousness but fortunately, I manage to clear all the stations in the circuit without having any Immediate Failures.

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