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GE2020: Wrong Impression Forces PAP Candidate Tan See Leng To Declare His Directorships

With the 158 media was busy praising Tan See Leng's credentials, the public took interest in his rich working experience. Pictures allegedly showing his directorship in 69 companies started surfacing, leading many netizens to question if Tan See Leng is still able to look after the needs of residents in Marine Parade GRC. As brewing speculations of his inability to serve Marine Parade became a concern, Tan See Leng was forced to clarify his directorships on Facebook. He shared that his position in 69 companies was a "wrong impression".

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We understand that there has been a lot of attention on one of our employees recently. We are aware of these recent comments made on his personal page which some Singaporeans have found offensive. We are currently investigating the comments made by our employee and will take appropriate action once we are in possession of all the facts.

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