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COVID19: Ang Moh Roller-Skiing on Road in CBD During CB

If you recall, some time in January, a Caucasian man was seen skiing on the road in the CBD area. Netizens questioned if it posed a danger to motorists but there was no news of any warning given to him. Now, we are seeing an ang moh again in the CBD once again doing a "roller-skiing" workout, presumably due to emptier road conditions during the circuit breaker.

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COVID19: Scoot Cabin Crew Seen Throwing Singapore Passport Was Doing #DontRushChallenge

A Scoot cabin crew member was seen throwing a Singapore passport at the end of a Tiktok clip she uploaded to her account a few days ago. Netizens were infuriated by her act of disrespecting the valuable Singapore passport. However, it turns out that the clip was part of a series of videos merged together in a DontRushChallenge video by cabin crew members as they are understandably bored during the circuit breaker.

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