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Is the 7-20 June Series of National Broadcasts a Series of PAP Rally Speeches?

Under normal circumstances, nobody really gives two shits about a PAP rallies. However, COVID-19 has made many Singaporeans start tuning in attentively to the Prime Minister's broadcasts. Seizing the opportunity, the PAP rolled out a series of "national broadcasts" about the post-covid-19 future from 7 to 20 June which looks suspiciously like an election rally schedule.

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Covid19: Is CB Really Effective?

Spotted a man working out within the prohibited area 28 May 2020 at 6:10pm underneath his block. I calmly walked to him to remind him not to stay on the wrong side of the law, he told me off rudely. Hence. I took this picture and hopefully his family members and friends could help educate him when seen this post.

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