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Dr Chia Shi-Lu’s ‘silver coin’

Is there a need to make this coin in the first place? I understand the GRC has five members, why does the coin only have Dr Chia Shi-Lu’s name on it? Why do guests have the impression that it’s silver or is it really silver? Whose money was used to make these coins? Was there three quotations called for the making of the coin? Besides this coin, are there any companies and a school involved in the organising of this dinner? Was the procurement process according to government procurement guidelines?

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Singaporeans got blamed for PAP’s mistakes

I see this this as Lui shifting the blame to motorists using the MCE for the initial congestion problems on the MCE for what a user (at 11 am on the Monday day, so he had plenty of time to observe his surroundings) told me was a failure by tpt officials: “There is only one sign indicating the first exit into the city. One would have tot that based on the signage used on other expressways, there would be signs saying ‘Exit to X, 100m’ etc at regular intervals.” As the media reports a lot more signage going up since I heard this comment, I assume this problem has been fixed. And that this is the source of the problem.

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