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Reader's Contribution: People's Association Ignores Needy Tanjong Pagar Resident's House Leaking Issue

The Peoples Association doesn’t care bout people. I’m living alone with severe health and financial problems. I’m on a long medical leave by the doctor. My house has been leaking incessantly for many many months now. It got so bad, it caused a huge spike in my water bill usage. It has also affected me health.

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Covid19: PAP MP Seah Kian Peng Continues His Walkabout Despite Stricter Circuit Breaker Measures

First we had PAP MP Chia Shi Lu, who went to Alexandra Village Food Center with potential PAP candidate Colonel Eric Chua to supposedly distribute masks to hawkers. Now we still have Seah Kian Peng who also break the rules by going to the market alone, claiming that he is a safe distancing ambassador, even though he never wear the proper Tshirt and still can hashtag #walkabout.

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Dr Chia Shi-Lu’s ‘silver coin’

Is there a need to make this coin in the first place? I understand the GRC has five members, why does the coin only have Dr Chia Shi-Lu’s name on it? Why do guests have the impression that it’s silver or is it really silver? Whose money was used to make these coins? Was there three quotations called for the making of the coin? Besides this coin, are there any companies and a school involved in the organising of this dinner? Was the procurement process according to government procurement guidelines?

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