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POFMA will be the Nuclear Bomb to Free Speech and Press in Singapore

POFMA was passed in parliament in May earlier this year. Despite what the government says about protecting citizens from fake news, it is all their way of pushing down a draconian law that has the potential to stifle and kill authentic contrarian views and any point of view that the government doesn't agree with. Here are what other prominent academics, human rights advocates and even a former PAP MP have to say about POFMA.

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Professor Andersson’s comments to an influential publication like Times Higher Education, suggesting instead that I had to leave NTU because of academic shortcomings, are thus incorrect, insensitive and injurious to the reputation of a Singaporean forced to reestablish his career outside his home country by his employer’s failure to treat him like other academics. Only political and no academic grounds were ever cited by the university leadership for this 2009 decision. I was told of a “perception” that my critical writing could pose a “reputational risk” to the university in the future. The fair and gentlemanly thing to do would have been to retract his remarks and ensure that no NTU official repeat such words.

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Prof Cherian George: Moving on

As for why the university took the exceptional step of withholding tenure from a faculty member who it decided had earned promotion, I will only say that I was assured categorically that this had nothing to do with my research and scholarship, teaching or service, and also not because I had conducted myself inappropriately in any way. Similarly, in 2010, no academic reasons were cited when the university leadership decided to turn down my school’s request to re-appoint me as head of journalism.

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