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SDP Says Josephine Teo’s Refusal To Substantiate POFMA Allegation Shows Poor Leadership Qualities

SDP said they found the MOM's reply disturbing, as SDP had submitted a detailed account which includes analyzing MOM’s own statistics, as the reasons for the statements in SDP's posts. They also countered that Minister Teo, who had the backing of her entire Ministry and their officials, and two full days with which to substantiate their Correction Directions, had failed to do so, and this was indicative of the lack of leadership qualities in the PAP's 4G Leadership.

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Will Chen Show Mao Be Leaving Workers’ Party?

In a potential blow to The Worker's Party (WP), national mouthpiece Shin Min questioned if Chen Show Mao will be switching political parties. Shin Min reported that The Worker's Party (WP) MP Chen Show Mao had been seen attending activities by Chee Soon Juan's Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and Tan Cheng Bock's Progress Singapore Party (PSP).

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Chee Soon Juan Calls For A Unified Opposition

Chee Soon Juan has fired another salvo towards breaking PAP's monopoly in Singapore politics, by calling for all opposition party in Singapore to work together to gain voters' trust and their votes. Dr Chee also said that the differences between the country’s opposition are ‘minuscule’ compared to their common stance.

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