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Parti Liyani’s Case Shows Cronyism-Based Justice System Needs Reform

The recent saga on the acquittal of a maid, Parti Liyani, has sent shockwaves throughout the Nation on the severe state of our Justice system which is in need of urgent reforms. We have always pride ourselves, as MP Jamus Lim puts it, on efficiency and not compassion or the quest for truth. Hence, the situation we are facing now is dire and fast slipping into a scenario similar to Najib Razak’s Malaysia. I wish these issues had surfaced before the elections! Is it too late now, only the PSP and WP MPs will know?

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Government And Opposition MPs Must Muster Courage To Face Contentious Issues Without Fear Or Favour

As I listened to the President’s address to Parliament at its opening on Monday, I can’t help but was drawn to the part where she mentioned that Singaporeans “desire for more diverse voices to be heard, and stronger checks and balances”. Until and when both the President and Speaker of Parliament are prepared to walk their motherhood talks and Opposition MPs are able to muster enough courage to thump through contentious issues without fear or favour, the next 4-5 years will be a replica of post-2011 where the PAP will rebuild its lost momentum.

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