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After years of misery and torments, today marks a new chapter of my life ever since my marriage for the past 5 years...... Looking forward legally to be a free man 3 days from today on the dissolvement of my marriage. Leaving behind nightmares through the ordeals I had suffered. When you got to find out that your wife is having an affair and using sub cards to fund and enjoy a lavish lifestyle for herself and her boyfriend. When all your money in the bank has depleted and chalked 6 figures debts she had incurred under my name. I even had to make a police report on misdeeds she committed. As a man, I had to overcome nearing bankruptcy and lossing hope in life.

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A couple has admitted to cheating Spring Singapore of $50,000, and are facing 201 cheating forgery charges for one, and 196 charges for the other. Soh Hua Xiang, a former Spring Singapore employee, had targeted SMEs and set out to create fake business development voucher accounts under their names. He will then print out fake invoices from solutions provider companies, and submitted them via Spring Singapore's website. He colluded with his lover, I Shu Hui, who was a Spring Singapore employee at the time too. Together, they were able to approve the disbursement of funds. Soh was apparently part of the Spring team that designed the Innovation and Capability Vouchers (ICV) portal, via which the cheating scheme was carried out. He took advantage of the system that he helped design, and thus, had knowledge of how to manipulate the ICV for his own gains. I Shu Hui was a finance manager at Spring Singapore, who was able to approve the disbursements of funds to Soh via Giro.

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Let me share my story. I was being pulled by my ex friend (because I don't regard her as my friend what a bitch fag). We lost contact for more than 2 years then 1 day she just messaged me and of course I feel surprised. That time, I was finding a job so when she said about this business I just agreed to come to the company and take a look. I found a job soon enough but since I already agreed to come down, I decided to make a trip. Then I was asked to go for talks and lessons and their promoting skills really too convincing so I got brainwashed to start it. When I know I had to pay for $3k I honestly cursed in my heart. I feel so cheated by that bitch and immediately knew why she invited me. I wanted to back out on that day but they asked this girl who is about my age to talk to me and I got brainwashed completely because she said she can manage her uni fees on her own, which was what I wanted to do since I come from a very humble background. So they asked how much can I pay and when I said $300, I can tell they aren't very happy about it. But they said it's alright, I can pay more along the way. So I didn't think so much and proceeded with the business. They asked me to invite someone down for SCC but apparently, I didn't ask much friends because I don't even know how. Then when I start asking my friends to come down to the office, none of them agreed except 1. (I only asked about 4 because I feel so bad for cheating so many people). So when I tell them I found a friend who can go to the office, they kept dragging and said I need to do planning first. But I had a job already so I have no time to do my name list and goal list (name list is basically a list of all my friends so that I can scam them 1 by 1).

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