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TWO Chinese nationals who conned a pair of elderly women out of their life savings with tales of evil spirits and hospitalised children were jailed for a total of more than eight years yesterday. Li Lianying, 50, and Li Peng, 45, were part of a five-member group which came to Singapore to prey on the old and vulnerable, a court heard. They cheated part-time cleaners Goh Kah Keow, 72, and Chua Peck Har, 66, of around $440,000.

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SG telcos find new ways to fleece customers

Recently, we read about how Starhub and Singtel used dubious methods to overcharge customers. Just now, I realised M1 is up to sneaky ways to con us of our money too. My latest M1 bill had 7-8$ of something called voicemail access. When I called them, M1 told me that this was the duration for which people left voice mails for me. I was shocked as I was never told I would be charged for the time people left voicemails for me. If anything, we were told that under our plan, there is free voicemail.

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Misleading WDA funding scheme and cheated $1200 for course fee recovery after withdrawal!

Back in 2010 when I proposed to my wife, I had only $400 in my bank account and jobless for 1 month. Even though she knew I wasn’t doing well and probably sulking for a while, she agreed to marry me! Not long after, I got another job. For every starter, I had to be placed in probation for 6 months and hit my monthly sales target at least thrice within the 6 months or resign voluntarily. In my case I exceeded the target only twice, by 173% and 110% in each month. I was lucky that my probation was extended for another 6 months as I made some kind of impression with my bosses.

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