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In my previous restaurant that I worked with, I will come across some customers, not to be racist, but southern Indian ladies and some locals always want to come and ask for promotions while making payment after dining, and often you will see them using expired vouchers, as in 1 or 2 days due after expiry date and these jerks will always force us to honour it. Some even try to make full use of these promotional discounts. I had once remembered a local lady came to dine in my restaurant and the bill in total was $48.90, so what she did was, she used all 5 pieces of her $10 discount voucher and when I told her that she can only use one voucher per bill she told me to split out the bill into 5.

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My best friend has been working night shift taxi driver to supports his family. But due to his kind hearted, He allow some of his customer to transfer him when they mention they dun have cash on hand. He is very disappointed with this customer who keep promising but did nothing!

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