Jewel, PM Lee’s Symbol Of Bold Dreams, Is Now A Failing Project Just A Few Months On

It does seem like another failed project from the very people who are tasked with making Singapore successful. PM Lee and his bevy of civil servants will point to the thousands who still flock to Jewel everyday, but if this thousands of people do not spend their cash there, it is as good as a failure. After all, what good is a crowd if all they do is just take photos to be posted on their social media accounts, but keep their wallets firmly locked in their pocket.

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Changi Airport Drone Intrusions Raises Questions Over Vulnerability Of Airport

Two recent incidents involving unauthorised drones flying within the vicinity of Changi Airport in the past one week had affected about 60 flights, with some delayed and others diverted. This has raised serious questions over the vulnerability of Changi Airport itself. While CAAS is still investigating the incidents, analysts, the industry and even the drone community itself has concerns on the potential implications of the incidents.

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