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Saga of Liew Mun Leong Highlights The Necessity Of An Independent Ombudsman

What we need now is an office of the Ombudsman ! For those less politically adept, an ombudsman refers to an official appointed to investigate individuals' complaints against a company or organization, especially a public authority. This position is to monitor government officials and other people of interest to the state when a complaint from regular citizens is lodged. This is placed to ensure that no one, regardless of power is beyond the rule of law.

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Why Is The PAP 4G Leadership Silent Over The Case Involving Liew Mun Leong?

Mr Heng and the 4G leaders - including Ong Ye Kung (who oversees Changi Airport) and Josephine Teo (who is charge of Manpower matters) have been completely silent on the Liew Mun Leong case since the High Court delivered its damning verdict on Mr Liew on 4 September. Why is the 4G leadership so silent on Liew's case this past one week?

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Parti Liyani's Case Shows Cronyism-Based Justice System Needs Reform

The recent saga on the acquittal of a maid, Parti Liyani, has sent shockwaves throughout the Nation on the severe state of our Justice system which is in need of urgent reforms. We have always pride ourselves, as MP Jamus Lim puts it, on efficiency and not compassion or the quest for truth. Hence, the situation we are facing now is dire and fast slipping into a scenario similar to Najib Razak’s Malaysia. I wish these issues had surfaced before the elections! Is it too late now, only the PSP and WP MPs will know?

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I was dining with my hubby at T2 Swensens yesterday when that fire which broke out, disrupted entire operations and turned the whole situation into panic and chaos. As usual with our ill prepared system, all of us were being evacuated by unsure CAG staffs who just wanted us to leave the building and not helping us to get on our schedules.

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We seemed to be so proud of this achievement of having increased the pay of these workers from $580 to – and I think here’s the catch – “to as much as $1,000″. So, does it mean that some were still being paid somewhere between $581 to $999? And what about the other about 5,760 outsourced contract workers who were not mentioned along with the 240 trolley workers working under airport operator Changi Airport Group? Moreover, the “from $580 to as much as $1,000” – was also subject to – “depending on their work attendance and performance”

The article added that this rise of about 40 per cent of their wages is part of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)’s efforts to improve the pay of low-wage out-sourced contract workers (Note – only 240 workers out of about 6000 out-sourced workers). We should be ashamed of the fact that after our much touted trade union movement and tripartite’s efforts all these years – our world class award-winning airport was paying such “slave wages” ($580) to as I understand it mostly elderly Singaporeans.

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