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Deciding on MP “material”

I supported his position then, with a column on how elected MPs shouldn’t be given such short shrift. That it was important that a representative in Parliament be in touch with public sentiments by dealing with them at ground level. I still say it is bad to have MPs and Nominated MPs sitting cheek by jowl in Parliament because it is an indictment on elected MPs who, presumably, aren’t able to represent the whole spectrum of the people. There was a sop thrown to the dissenting PAP MPs then (Dr Tan wasn’t the only vocal one although he was the only one who said “nay’’) – that it was for MPs to decide every term on whether they would let NMPs into the House. But this “sop’’ has been taken away. The NMP scheme is now carved in stone.

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Two new PAP faces for Aljunied GRC

THE People's Action Party (PAP) will introduce a new face soon to work the ground at opposition-held Aljunied GRC. Ms Chan Hui Yuh, 37, a director of construction company Infra Waterproofing, will be at the Serangoon ward, one of the five divisions in the group representation constituency. The former deputy organising secretary of the Young PAP's executive committee told The Straits Times yesterday that she would be vice-chairman of the Serangoon Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC) next week. But she will give her full attention to Serangoon only after her term as chairman of Siglap CCC in East Coast GRC ends in April next year, she said.

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