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MCYS, MP ignore sole breadwinner’s plea for help

I am a 30-year-old lady. I have a daughter who’s in primary 2. I had a second child who unfortunately passed away on November 2012. I used to work in an office as an operation assistant for 3 years. After my maternity leave, I went back to work on April 1st.However, the management changed and my job title and salary were adjusted without informing me. I was so depressed at that time due to my loss of child at stillbirth.

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Singapore must ease ‘bandwidth tax’ on the poor

The PAP Government, however, contends there is no shortage of help schemes for the poor. In November last year, Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing defended Singapore’s kueh lapis approach for helping low-income Singaporeans as being more targeted and flexible in meeting their needs than a single poverty line. Poor households need only to apply for the various social assistance programmes that subsidise housing, childcare, healthcare and eldercare.

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