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Netizens Unconvinced By Heng Swee Keat Saying Bilateral Agreements Have Not Jeopardised Singaporeans’ Job Opportunities

At a 23 Aug 2020 virtual event organised by East Coast grassroots advisers, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat responded to criticisms that free trade agreements (FTAs) or Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements (CECA) had caused Singaporeans to lose out in job opportunities. He warned that such statements about Singapore signing away jobs protection for Singaporeans were "totally false." Despite his attempt to convince naysayers, many netizens were in disbelief and some even wanted concrete proof for his statements.

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PR Status of CECA Couple Who Abused Maid Should be Revoked!

A few days ago there was a report in the newspapers of a couple; both of whom were Indian Nationals with PR Status convicted for abusing and assaulting their Foreign Domestic maid also from India soon after the FDW started working for them. Here is a case of Indian Nationals from India who thinks like in their Country can do any crime and get away unpunished with money.

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Khan Osman Sulaiman Guesses 90% Of 100,000 SGUnited Jobs Offered To Singaporeans Will Be Blue Collar Jobs

Singapore People's Party (SPP) politician Khan Osman Sulaiman uploaded an email he received from Sembawang Community Club. The screenshot of this email showed a list of available jobs for four companies: Beijing 101, Jollibee, Royal T Group and Royal Security. Based on the available job positions, Osman Sulaiman guessed the bulk of these 100,000 jobs offered to Singaporeans will be 90% blue collar jobs while S Pass or E Pass holders will probably get the white collar jobs.

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