Ex-MOE teacher: Schools focus on seeking glory than teaching

Singapore’s education system is a joke. It only looks good on paper. Many of us who are or were in the system know better than those international panelists. When I was still a teacher, I was often too busy with my CCA, swimming, to effectively help my academically weaker students. Even if I wanted to, I was really too busy with all my non-teaching duties.

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Review time spent on CCAs

IN RECENT years, I have observed that students are spending increasingly longer hours in school for scheduled lessons and co-curricular activities (CCAs). While I agree that CCAs are an important aspect of our students' education, it is perhaps time to review the amount of time students spend on this pursuit. My daughter studies at an independent secondary school. She is required to stay back after school for her CCA three days a week, each time for up to four hours. If there are forthcoming performances or competitions, she may need to stay back on additional days for practice.

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MOE reminds schools to be vigilant about student safety after PE deaths

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has issued a circular to schools reminding them to stay vigilant about student safety during Physical Education lessons and co-curricular activities (CCAs), after two students died last week during PE lessons. In particular, they highlighted the need for PE teachers — including substitute teachers — to stay updated on students’ pre-existing medical conditions and said it was important to have teachers and school personnel trained and confident to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

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Secondary school students to be banded instead of graded for CCAs

The Education Ministry is doing away with grades A1 to E8 for students’ co-curricular programmes. Instead, students will be placed in three bands — Excellent, Good or Fair — at the end of secondary school. The Excellent band will carry two bonus points, which can be used for entry into tertiary institutions.

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