Covid19: Sovereign Lady Defies CB Rules Again By Going Out Without Mask For Third Time

First she never wear her mask when going shopping for groceries at a wet market. Then a few days back, she again never wear her mask on at Shunfu mart and still can confront passerbys who advise her to wear her mask. Today, another photo of her has popped up on social media showing her going out buying food without a face mask again. Who does she think she is that she is above the law?

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Covid19: If the Govt Took Drastic Measures To Deal With Virus Earlier, We Would Still Be Having Bubble Tea

The situation must be incredibly dire to severely limit the food options of this country more than closing all dine-in eating. This just makes me more scared of our domestic situation. But it is also getting me more distrustful of the lightning party. They would argue that only under their iron hand we would go through this crisis, but the same could be said for literally anyone in any crisis with enough time and patience given by the people. And if they had taken advantage of the buffer period of January to March where they had little infection and more time to take more drastic measures, we wouldn't be in this sort of crisis.

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Covid19: A Millennial's Advice On How To Cope With CB At Home

Now is a good time to play that video game you didn’t had time before or a hobby like home cooking, living room exercise or those dance challenges on TikTok. Learn your mother tongue slightly better, learn the basics of whatever instruments lying around, finally clean out your room or storage room of clothes that do not fit you or items you find redundant. Something to do is better than nothing.

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Prices of Groceries at NTUC Fairprice Not So Fair Lately

Not sure if anyone notice. NTUC groceries price seems to have gone up by about 20%. Many fresh produce usually one offer or 1 for 1 seems to have disappear. All these happened right after the new announcement that we have to be prepared that food supplies disruption. If you notice or this is worth a thought. Please share and start buying from different source. Support local small businesses too!

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