Covid19: Is Grace Fu a Minister for Singaporeans or AMDKs?

As a minister paid by taxpayers, Grace Fu should be condemning the AMDKs in the strongest possible terms for flagrantly flouting our CB laws and endangering others instead of blaming Singaporeans for being "xenophobic". How does demanding for EQUAL TREATMENT under the law be misconstrued as being "xenophobic" is anyone's guess.

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COVID19: Ang Moh Roller-Skiing on Road in CBD During CB

If you recall, some time in January, a Caucasian man was seen skiing on the road in the CBD area. Netizens questioned if it posed a danger to motorists but there was no news of any warning given to him. Now, we are seeing an ang moh again in the CBD once again doing a "roller-skiing" workout, presumably due to emptier road conditions during the circuit breaker.

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Ang Moh Who Attacked Security Guard Surrendered, Now Wants To Apologise & Redeem Himself

Ang moh who received overnight fame after punching a security guard has surrendered himself and now wants to apologise. His actions have caused the victim to suffer multiple injuries. The security firm is thinking of taking action against him but police are still investigating.

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