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PAP MP Desmond Lee And HDB Offer Empty Promise To Boon Lay Resident

Fast forward to GE 2020 week. Mr Desmond Lee who was campaigning in West Coast GRC, came to visit my home to win votes. I explained the critical issues in my HDB and I could not even have a proper conversation with him for 5mins and his assistant had to take over to record my issue while he just walked away to visit other residents. Shows how much he is willing to listen to you. He made promises to contact me within days. As of 5 September 2020, neither HDB nor the MP have responded. Thank you to the useless residents of West Coast GRC for voting for a party who only show face once every 5 years.

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Singapore's civil service is really getting very careless under PAP rule. First, there was a series of typo errors in the spelling of our late President's name. This is so unbecoming. If we cannot count on our civil service to get these tiny details correct, I wonder what other mistakes have they been making in the running of our country?

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