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GE2020: Sudden Resignation By Three PAP Ex-Heavyweights

Even as Singapore's political parties are preparing for GE2020, three People's Action Party (PAP) members announced their resignation with less than a week to Nomination Day (30 June). The three ex-heavyweights millionaires are Yaacob Ibrahim, Goh Chok Tong and Khaw Boon Wan, who were all once Cabinet Ministers. As these men bid farewell to politics, let us remember them for some of their more memorable quotes.

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5 economic ministers for so little GDP growth Singapore economy grew the slowest among Asian countries in 2016, prompting Reuters to call us "the new sick man of Asia", a title that the Philippines held for many years in the past. Yet we have so many ministers supposedly taking charge of the economy - a DPM for the economy, 2 finance ministers and 2 ministers for trade and industry, a total of 5 economic ministers producing so little economic growth of 1.6%. It's time for PM to trim his Cabinet and be productive.

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3rd round of Cabinet changes since 2011 GE

PM Lee released a press statement today (29 Apr) announcing changes to the Cabinet and other appointments. This is the third round of changes after the 2011 General Election, and comes just eight months after the last round in August last year. He said, “Singapore is going through an important transition. We are creating opportunities for all by upgrading our workers’ skills and raising our productivity. We are helping Singaporeans lead more fulfilling lives by promoting sports and culture, and engaging our youth in nation-building. We are giving Singaporeans more peace of mind by strengthening our social safety nets through policies like the Pioneer Generation Package and MediShield-Life.”

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