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A sickening video of a PRC woman setting a dog on fire with a blow torch, turning the poor animal into a charred corpse in 28 seconds, has gone viral on PRC social media. The woman, allegedly a nurse from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is seen holding the blow torch over the dog, which laid twisted on the ground. The animal's shrieks of pain could be heard clearly in the video, but the woman does not relent and even smiles at the camera.

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Construction worker first man to plead guilty to rioting in Little India

A 33-year-old construction worker has become the first of 25 men implicated in the Little India riot last December to plead guilty to rioting and committing mischief. Ramalingam Sakthivel admitted to being part of an unlawful assembly at Little India on December 8 last year between 9.30pm and 10.50pm. During the chaos, he threw various projectiles at police officers and police vehicles, flipped a police car and hit the Singapore Civil Defence Force ambulance with a pole. The maximum penalty for rioting is a jail term of seven years and caning.

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