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Covid19: If the Govt Took Drastic Measures To Deal With Virus Earlier, We Would Still Be Having Bubble Tea

The situation must be incredibly dire to severely limit the food options of this country more than closing all dine-in eating. This just makes me more scared of our domestic situation. But it is also getting me more distrustful of the lightning party. They would argue that only under their iron hand we would go through this crisis, but the same could be said for literally anyone in any crisis with enough time and patience given by the people. And if they had taken advantage of the buffer period of January to March where they had little infection and more time to take more drastic measures, we wouldn't be in this sort of crisis.

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Bubble tea chain Gong Cha is returning to Singapore This coming December with a outlet at SingPost Centre in Paya Lebar. There were notices stated that the chain’s Singapore flagship store was coming up in December at the under-construction outlet.

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It is with much exasperation that I am penning down this note and I hope you can help share with all fellow readers, the predicaments local start ups like us face not just both in rental and labor costs but also the near inability to obtain any support from MTI or EDB! I am running a local bubble tea chain which has been shrinking due to my immense difficulties in recruiting suitable local staff as after deduction of the hefty rental superimposed by Capitaland and material costs, I can only afford to pay a Singaporean no more than $1250 for a 5 day work week. I personally would love to hire Singaporeans first and I hope our honorable WP MPs like Mr LTK whose speeches I follow and is coincidentally a businessman himself, can give our desperate cries an adornment motion in Parliament as we cannot expect the SCCCI NMP to be doing anything without prior permission from his taskmasters!

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