According to Jillian Lauren, the American woman who spoke to 60 Minutes about her year in Prince Jefri and the Sultan’s harem, the pair indulged a lot – and they didn’t care how old the girls were. “She was his play thing. They had sex hundreds of times and then Prince Jefri gave her as a gift to the Sultan and she goes into great detail (about) the sexual activity she got up to with the sultan.”

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There are two countries that are always going to be linked in the Southeast Asia region due to their similarities, and the key choices that turned one into an economic powerhouse. Brunei and Singapore are the two smallest and wealthiest Southeast Asian nations, and have a currency interchange agreement. Sixty years ago, both set out to diversify their economies and become leaders in the region. The result is a real-world model lesson for developing nations.

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Virgin CEO announces boycott of hotel chain owned by Sultan of Brunei

Richard Branson, Virgin's founder and CEO, announced employees of his company will boycott hotels run by the Sultan of Brunei due to the country's anti-gay laws. 'No Virgin employee, nor our family, will stay at Dorchester Hotels until the Sultan abides by basic human rights,' he wrote on his Twitter account. Branson's announcement is part of a growing number of celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen Fry, who are turning their backs on the Dorchester Hotel Group, owned by the Sultan.

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Sultan of Brunei visits SAF base and gets a feel of some of the hardware

Besides firing the Singapore Assault Rifle 21, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah also drove the upgraded Light Strike Vehicle Mark II as well as the Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle on the second of his three-day state visit to Singapore. The 67-year-old Sultan viewed live-firing demonstrations at the 50m indoor shooting range and urban operations range, as well as a static display of the SAF's military hardware.

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Sultan of Brunei threatens online critics of Sharia law plan

Brunei’s all-powerful Sultan has ordered his citizens to stop criticizing his plan to institute a harsh version of Sharia law, telling them they’ll be sorry once the law is implemented. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiam — one of the world’s richest men — presides over the tranquil, oil-rich kingdom neighboring Malaysia with a population of 400,000. He announced last October that Brunei would gradually institute Sharia law punishments such as flogging, severing limbs and death by stoning beginning April 1. Criticizing the sultan is forbidden, but the citizens of Brunei have still expressed their displeasure with Sharia law over social media,

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