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On Vesak day, a dog found us. A sick dog. A pure breed French bulldog with a bad maggot wound on the upper part of her tail. She was running a fever and smelling like rotten meat. She has long nails and hanging nipples which suggested that she could have been a breeder's dog. She come to our dog's play area and sat there quietly. The vets were closed by then. We cleaned her up, did first aid on her and fed her. She was gentle and cooperative. We removed 40-50 maggots from her broken tail. She eats hungrily but we noticed that her tongue coordination is weird. She has difficulties licking up food from the plate. We bought her to the vet today. The vet says she is in bad condition. Her blood count is low. She is bleeding somewhere and losing blood. It is unsure if the maggots had penetrated into her organs. We also found maggots in her tiny tender feet. Feet that probably never walked on real ground. Vet said she is physically weak and probably has not been fed well. What worse is, she might not wake up from the operation which is scheduled to take place tomorrow due to her low blood count. But the operation is necessary. It's not a choice.

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