I recently chanced on a few socio-political websites on Facebook. Thinking that they are neutral, I decided to like and follow them. The Independent, The Middle Ground and Breakfast Network are some websites I came across. After reading several articles, I believe they are camouflaging as neutral with an agenda to sway opinions towards the PAP.

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Former Straitstimes Editor: I have so many “whys” today after reading the newspapers…

WHY did the media - and the G - see the need to run the G response to an NYT article on the Little India riot when chances are that not many people here have read it? And why does the G insist on the publication of its response when it is not about a "right of reply'' to correct factual inaccuracies but its OWN analysis of facts (that the COI hasn't even ascertained!) Sorry but the media has a right to reject opinions you know..

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Patients’ blue Christmas

I can’t help but think about how favourably ST painted the hospitals facing a “severe bed crunch’’. Instead of castigating the health authorities for poor foresight and planning, the tone appears to be pretty congratulatory, applauding the hospitals for taking “unusual steps’’. And it’s not as though the bed crunch is a new thing. You would have thought the problem would have been licked a long time ago. How many beds were there in the past, say in 2008, and now?

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