Covid19: The Circuit Breaker Has Made Me Cherish My Other Half

Recently theres a big hoo ha on how people has been treating their other half during this Circuit Breaker period. Frankly speaking, being not able to meet the other half is really tough for the mental state (at least that is from my perspective). Missing my partner yet unable to be by his side physically has been a torture to me, as I really do miss him dearly.

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Covid 19: AMK Town Council & NEA Continue to Turn a Blind Eye Against Bird Feeders Who Litter Estate

With the virus going around, and circuit breaker, people at Hougang Ave 8 are still going around to do funny things like feed birds. It is an offence to feed birds. They will dirty the environment with droppings, and leftover food from pigeon feeding may attract other pests like rats, which carry diseases and pose a risk to our health.

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Frustrated Residents in Ang Mo Kio Cannot WFH, HBL, Because of Inconsiderate Neighbour's Noise Pollution

Residents at Blk 116 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 have been suffering from noise pollution coming from a unit on the 3rd floor, and with the circuit breaker measures in place, it has become even more frustrating as many now have to work or study from home. Everyday from 11am to 11pm daily, that unit will blast extremely loud music disturbing the entire block.

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Received a call this morning and rushed over.

One side of the sun breaker broke and landed on 3rd storey breaker. We have secured the breaker with tension cords to anchor points on the rooftop, activated the crane and the engineer is doing a thorough inspection now.

We will be removing this and HDB and TC will be working together to inspect the rest of the sun breakers after this, to ensure their integrity and safety.

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