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A NASA scientist has developed an iPhone app called ThirdLove that can precisely calculate a woman's bra size from just a few pictures of the woman's chest. It then uses visualization technology to read the photos and return the precise bra size that user needs. Women can then shop directly though the app for bras that fit them. All a shopper must do is stand in front a mirror wearing a fitted tank top and snap two iPhone “selfies” at two slightly different angles. The iPhone itself then acts as a calibration object, or a standard unit of measure.

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DSTA scholar who stole 228 bras gets 12-month mandatory treatment order

A Defence Science and Technology Agency scholar who stole bras from his neighbour and university hostels was given a 12-month mandatory treatment order on Thursday. Research engineer Jonathan Peh Song Wee, 26, was found to have 228 bras at his Ang Mo Kio home - all of which were suspected to have been stolen or fraudulently obtained. He had admitted to five charges - criminal trespass, theft and fraudulent possession. Another eight were taken into consideration during sentencing.

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