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Brompton Bike Saga: Ex-NParks exec was trying to help SME

Former National Parks Board (NParks) assistant director, Bernard Lim Yong Soon, was trying to help a "small industry player" by approaching the owner of Bikehop Singapore for the supply of Brompton bicycles. He said he had done it out of empathy and that all his life, he had a passion to help people. This emerged during the trial involving the 42-year-old on Wednesday, when the court was shown one of his statements.

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NParks’ officer to go on trial in March over Brompton bicycle deal

The National Parks Board (NParks) officer behind the Brompton bicycle procurement fiasco in 2012 will go on trial next month. The hearings are scheduled for March 11 to 15 and 25 to 28 and April 1 to 3. This was announced at a pre-trial conference in a district court on Wednesday. Bernard Lim Yong Soon, who oversaw the purchase of 26 Brompton bicycles, stands accused of lying to auditors investigating the deal. The 41-year-old had allegedly denied he was a friend of a director of Bikehop, the supplier of the bicycles. A second charge alleges that Lim had persuaded the director to give the same false information to the auditors who, as a result of what was told to them, did not look further into the relationship.

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