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According to data from a medical tourism index released last month, Singapore was ranked the most attractive among seven Asian countries in terms of "patient experience", but was also one of the least attractive where costs were concerned. In contrast, the attractiveness of patient experience in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia has grown since 2015. Another advantage these countries have over Singapore is the relatively lower cost of their healthcare services. This is very symptomatic of Singapore nowadays. We have always prided ourselves as the leader when it comes to many things in the Asia region. But, while the services factor still remain relatively high in reliability, the costs that have spiraled upwards means that Singapore is becoming too expensive for tourists to come. Could we finally see the day when Singapore is no longer the top choice for others in the region, when they are many other cheaper alternatives around us? Then we would be in trouble.

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Make Singapore more attractive to lure back overseas citizens

SINGAPORE is making attempts to woo overseas Singaporeans back to contribute their talents and skills to our country ("Govt taps recruiters to lure overseas S'poreans home"; March 3). For the attempts to be successful, Singapore must be seen and felt as a place that is better than the citizens' current country of residence. First, we must treat those who return like any other Singaporean. These people are likely more well-educated and thus will be holding higher-paying jobs on their return. We must not consider them elites and be envious of them. This envy will inevitably cause resentment towards them, discouraging other overseas Singaporeans from coming home.

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