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Lee Hsien Yang: AG Filed More Than 500 Pages Of Complaint Against My Wife!

Lee Hsien Yang posted that the AG has filed more than 500 pages worth of complaints against his wife, Lee Suet Fern. He said that LHL never voiced any issues with LKY's will when their father was alive. He was also bitter that his brother is unleashing so many complaints now even though he never bothered to discuss things with him and his sister, Lee Wei Ling. Lee Suet Fern has filed her Defence. How do you think this drama will unfold and how much public resources do you think will be wasted?

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We have the opposition MP questioning whether the appointment was constitutional because of his age. After all, an Article in the Constitution said the AG must leave the office when he turns 60, if he had hold the post for some time before that. Then we have the government saying the appointment was in accordance with the Constitution, with even a precedent being mentioned in the form of Judge of Appeal Chao Hick Tin, who was 63 when appointed as Attorney-General for a two-year term. Govt said age does not matter, what matters is the suitability of the candidate.

All good and well, but do we see this happening to the average Singaporean?

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