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His argument is on the basis that now with technology advances and productivity gains, shorter working hours is possible. Researchers has also found that working shorter hours in a week actually increases the overall productivity of the employees. However, in Singapore, can we really afford to work shorter hours? We might lose the competitive edge against our other Asian neighbours.

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So What If I Date an Ang Moh?

I am dating a white man because he happens to be a combination of all these things I want. I am not dating him because of his race. In Asia, the majority of people want to be whiter. They spend money on creams and treatments to whiten their skin. They hide in the shade.They aspire to have bigger eyes and smaller noses. Photos are airbrushed until they look like ghosts. And yet, no one accuses these people of being racist or denying their Asianess.

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Malaysian Home Minister: Passengers who used stolen European passports were of Asian appearance

Malaysia’s state news agency quoted Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as saying the passengers using the stolen European passports were of Asian appearance, and criticising border officials who let them through. “I am still perturbed. Can’t these immigration officials think? Italian and Austrian (passport holders) but with Asian faces,” he was quoted as saying yesterday. Nearly 48 hours after the last contact with Flight MH370, mystery surrounded its fate. Malaysia’s air force chief said the Beijing-bound airliner may have turned back from its scheduled route before it vanished from radar screens.

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