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Thank you for your concerns with regard to the bat we rescued from Diana Lu last week. Diana wrote a FB post with regard to this rescue and, unfortunately, it contains information which is factually incorrect and also misleading. ACRES hopes to set the record straight. Please do help us share this post.

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The alleged dog abuse case at Pasir Ris Camp

A lot of people were saying that the way they tie the dog in the toilet is cruel. Personally, I think they could have restrain the dog in a better manner. But bear in mind that these are soldiers, not train animals rescuers. They do not have the proper equipment to catch and confine a stray dog until AVA arrives. Thus they use whatever tools they have in camp to do the job. I believe they tried their best and without ill intent. They could have done better but I wouldn’t call it dog abuse. After all, AVA did perform a medical checkup on the dog and found no signs of abuse.

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Exploring Pasir Ris Farmway

As one of the three remaining farmways in Singapore (the other two being Murai Farmway and Seletar West Farmway), Pasir Ris Farmway is perhaps the most recently built of the lot. Today it is perhaps best known for the many pet farms, animal shelters and fish farms along its three farmways.

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