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OSIM Salesperson Allegedly Backtracks On Agreement Over Massage Chair And Considers Forfeiting Purchase

A contributor was at an Expo exhibition last year (2019) when they saw an OSIM massage chair. They felt it was a worthwhile purchase and went ahead to discuss with a sales lady. They eventually made the purchase based on an agreement that the massage chair will be delivered only after the contributor's HDB BTO was ready. However about a year later on July 2020, the salesperson reached out to the contributor through WhatsApp. According to screenshots of their conversation, the salesperson asked the contributor to make full payment at their Bedok branch. She also said that if the contributor was unable to make full payment, she will forfeit the sales order.

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Since NSP's narrow defeat (43.35%), wthey have gone on the ground to connect with the residents hoping for the opportunity to represent them in parliament. These past 4 years, a significant amount of blood and sweat has been put in and to ask of someone else to throw their efforts down the drain, it is quite unfair. Shouldn't there be a gentlemen's agreement in place to prevent such infighting?

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Google, Samsung announce global patent agreement

Google and Samsung, which are frequently involved in patent infringement lawsuits but not against each other, announced yesterday (Jan 26) that they have reached a global patent cross-licensing agreement. The deal covers patents currently owned by the companies, as well as any filed in the next 10 years, the companies said in a release. Financial terms were not disclosed. The companies said the deal “would lead to deeper collaboration on research and development of current and future projects”.

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