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Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Tuesday said "extreme force" was justified in battling Islamic State militants as he played down reports that an Australian plane delivering humanitarian aid in Iraq came under fire. Australia will "in coming days" join ally the United States in an international effort to transport weapons to Kurdish forces fighting IS extremists in northern Iraq. It has also been conducting humanitarian air drops to the besieged town of Amerli.

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AFP: Blogger Roy Ngerng uses crowdfunding to fight PM’s defamation suit

Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, a government health worker who posts comments on social issues, said 1,104 people had so far contributed more than Sg$72,000 ($55,700), exceeding his target of Sg$70,000 when he launched the campaign Friday. Ngerng published the transaction history of his bank account on his crowdfunding platform. Many of the donors registered comments criticising Lee and opposing the use of libel suits to silence government critics. Singapore officials have long used defamation suits against printed publications to defend their reputations. Ngerng was the first online critic brought to court by a Singaporean leader.

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