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I made the decision last year after reading Alfian's criticism of the pinkwashing at Pinkdot, after hearing from various friends of the Pinkdot organisers' heavyhanded censorship of community booths and disrespect of the LGBTQI community's diversity and needs. My activist friends reported the organisers lecturing that this event is not for them, not for the benefit of the LGBTQI community, but for the benefit of appearing safe and unthreatening to mainstream Singapore and their straight allies. And so: a complete gag on safe sex. Straight people will freak out if you give out condoms and safe sex brochures and talk about safe sex!

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Two encouraging indicators of the potency of civil activism

In 2013, after years of vigorous and tireless campaigning by anti-mandatory death penalty activists, the law was amended to allow for drug mules who were not ringleaders and who had cooperated substantially with the authorities to be granted an exemption from the death penalty. The same year in September, Mr Yong received a Certificate of Cooperation from the Public Prosecutor, and his life was finally spared in November, when Justice Choo Han Teck returned a verdict that reversed Yong’s death sentence.

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